No matter if you are a senior or junior Java developer, I am sure that in several situations you have not considered your class should be immutable or you have not even thought about immutability. This is a common mistake, so let me show you why at least you should think about it.

What does making your classes immutable mean?

An immutable class is a class whose instances’ content cannot be modified once they have been created. That is to say, to make your classes immutable you just need to protect it against modifications.

There are some rules you must follow to achieve immutability in your class:

This week I’ve discovered one of those projects which makes life easier for all the developers.

The project is called github1s and gives you the possibility of checking any GitHub project in a Visual Studio Code navigator version. The only thing you need to do is replacing github to github1s in the repo URL.

For Example: — >

As you can see, with a simple URL replacement, you can take a look at a repo in VS Code without having to clone the project in your local.

At present, it doesn’t allow to install an extension or modify…

Seba López

Software Engineer in Admiral Group 💻🚗 and Java lover ☕

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